Monday, November 08, 2004

The plot thickens.

Yesterday I followed my own advice and installed Firefox. Things went pretty smoothly, except for two interesting problems.

One became apparent immediately. Firefox had trouble importing my cookies, favourites and passwords from IE. Since IE was causing such intolerable problems after I installed XP SP2 that I decided to press on regardless.

The other became apparent this morning when I tried to access my wish list at Amazon. (After all, Christmas is coming, and so is my birthday!). The XP SP2 firewall appears to block SSL from Firefox (but not Netscape or IE). As soon as I turned the firewall offI could access my account at Amazon again.

Could SP2 be targetted at Firefox, designed to stop non-technical users from adopting an alternative to IE?

Of course not. A moment's reflection on Microsoft's unblemished track record of concern for fair competition and openness tells us that they would never stoop to such a trick.

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