Wednesday, August 10, 2005

eXtremely enjoyable Tuesday

One of the things I'll miss most if I ever move out of London is the Extreme Tuesday Club.

It's a goup of great people who get together when they can (on Tuesdays, as you might have guessed) at the Old Bank Of England pub in Fleet Street.

If you're a regular you can be sure of meeting old friends and making new ones. If you're a first-timer you can be sure of a warm welcome. Everyone seems to share a thirst for learning and a love of sharing what they already know. The regulars include some very experienced developers.

It's a great way to find out what's going on in the Agile community. Last night Peter Brown announced XPDay5 - a two day international conference about Agile Software Development for software developers, project leaders, IT managers, testers, architects, and coaches.

I went to XPDay4 last year and loved it. This year XPDay5 will take place on Monday 28th & Tuesday 29th November, 2005 in London, U.K. Recommended!

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