Thursday, September 01, 2005

Better ways to find and satisfy requirements.

If you're interested in better ways to build better systems, you should take a look at the courses that Tom Gilb and Kai Gilb will be teaching in London this October.

Titles include Requirement Specification (two day), Evolutionary Project Management (two day) and Agile Inspection (one day).

Tom's new book on Competitive Engineering has had glowing reviews (not just from me :-) and the courses will give you a chance to learn how to apply key techniques directly from the author.

You can find out more at the testing solutions group website.


Crispin Rogers Johnson said...

I've enjoyed several of Tom's books in the past but have recently embraced Agile/eXtreme. How do you square the very traditional topics in this book with Agile thinking? This is a conceptual block for me, I see the appeal of Tom's approach but it also seems to smack of big up-front design. I'm assuming you are eXtreme too, what are your views? Is there a conceptual conflict here?

Romilly said...

I don't think there is a conflict.

Tom's Evo approach is one of the very first published agile methodologies; Kent Beck has acknowledged the debt owed by the Agile community to Tom's ideas.

In Evo, it's fine (and usual) for requirements to change during the course of the development. The driver is to make measurable progress in each week's iteration towards implementing the current requirements. Sound familiar?