Wednesday, July 18, 2007

miniSPA and jMock2

I spent yesterday at miniSPA. It's a selection of popular presentations from last year's SPA conference; we run it to attract new participants and new session leaders.

This year's miniSPA was brilliantly organised by Ivan Moore and Andy Moorley. Ivan is programme chair for SPA2008. Andy runs the conference, organises miniSPA, and generally keeps the whole world turning as it should.

I was at miniSPA in two capacities; as next year's conference chair, and as a presenter from last year. Nat Pryce and I ran a tutorial on Test Driven Development with jMock2, which went really well. We've offered to run it again in November at XPDay7.

I'm about to analyse the feedback and first impressions are very positive. SPA is a remarkable conference. If you haven't been, take a look at the website and think about going next year. If you want to go next year, think about submitting a session proposal.

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