Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spa2008 retrospectve

I'm back from Spa2008, and my head is buzzing.

I felt this was the best Spa conference in recent years. As chairman I'm biased, but I'm not responsible for the quality. That's down to the programme chairs (Eoin Woods and Ivan Moore) and to Andy Moorley who organised things perfectly.

I went to (and really enjoyed):
  • Mirror, Mirror on the wall - why me? Chris Cooper-Bland and Portia Tung
  • Thou Shalt Integrate by the Sweat of Thy Brow... Robert James and Eoin Woods
  • The Need for Speed Paul Dyson and John Nolan
  • Awesome Acceptance Testing Dan North and Joe Walnes
  • Spanish Guitar Recital David Harvey
  • Is Software Practice Advancing? John Daniels and friends
  • A few things I learned in 50 years of programming L Peter Deutsch
  • Big Ball of Money, Big Ball of Mud: Economics and Legacy Code Michael Feathers
  • Closing the Knowing Doing Gap Allan Kelly and Lise Hvatum
Now it's time to start thinking about Spa2009!

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