Thursday, September 15, 2011

Run, RabbitMQ, run Rabbit, run, run, run

I'm about to do some more work on Sknoman (a personal knowledge management application) and need to link together several disparate subsystems. Some are written in Python, but I'm developing one in clojure.

Nat Pryce speaks highly of RabbitMQ, so I decided to give it a try.

For reasons too boring to explain, I'm developing on a Ubuntu Lucid virtual machine. Lucid is almost as old as I am, so the packaged version of RabbitMQ is seriously out-of-date.

Once I'd installed an up-to-date version from the RabbitMQ Debian repo, I had the RabbitMQ Python send/receive example running in about five minutes. While that's hardly an exhaustive test, it's very reassuring.

I'll be trying a Clojure client next, but I'm hoping this is going to be painless.

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